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Appraisal Services and Fees

Please contact us for a no-pressure and free consultation as to which service is right for your situation.

These fees apply to 90% of the properties we appraise. However, complex, unique, remote, rural, and high-liability properties usually carry higher fees.  We will confirm the fee with you prior to accepting the appraisal order.  Please contact us for a firm quote.

$299 Desktop Appraisal
This appraisal is completed without inspecting the property.  We rely on all available information available in the local multiple listing service, tax assessor, Google Maps, rental listings, and any other resource we can find.  We can also rely on your written description and pictures.
$325 Exterior-Only / Desktop Appraisal (SFR,Condo)
This appraisal is the same as the Desktop Appraisal, except we also evaluate the exterior of the property from the street.  There are many situations where the appraiser's certification that they have seen the property is required, and this appraisal type satisfies that requirement.

$365 Consumer Appraisal (SFR,Condo)
This appraisal is the same as the Desktop and Exterior-Only Appraisals, except that includes a full physical appraisal inspection on the interior and around the property.
$395 Standard Appraisal
This appraisal results in the same value and analysis as the Consumer Appraisal but is reported on the conventional mortgage lender forms which include Fannie Mae specific requirements that may be relevant to non-mortgage related matters.
$25+ Living Area Measure (with appraisal, $100+ without)
If you fee that the living area reported at the tax assessor may not be accurate we can measure the living area for you.  This does not certify what is legally permitted and only what is present.
$400 Land Appraisal
Real estate appraisal of vacant land.
Current Specials

$395 Standard Appraisal
$365 Consumer Appraisal
$325 Exterior-Only Apprrasial
$400 Land Appraisal
$299 Desktop Appraisal
$25+ Living Area Measure

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